If you have a non-maintenance emergency, call 911 immediately. If you have a maintenance emergency during office hours contact the office at 586-264-0690 and a maintenance tech will come over to take care of the situation. If you have an after-hours maintenance emergency, contact the office at 586-264-0690 to speak to our answering service. Give the operator your name, apartment number, contact number and a brief description of the emergency and she/he will send a maintenance tech to your home. In the event that the after-hours emergency line is not working due to a power outage etc. you may contact 734-285-3020. This is another property’s phone number. Explain that you are calling from another property and need to have a call back from someone. They will transfer the message to us.

Maintenance Emergencies on the weekends, after hours or holidays consist of sewer backups, floods, fire (please contact fire department if you have a fire), no air conditioning if the temperature is over 85, no heat if the temperature is under 50, gas fumes, no electricity, clogged toilet (if you have only one bathroom), a clogged kitchen sink, refrigerator not working, broken window, or front door lock broken.

There are no additional fees for maintenance emergencies other than a lock out unless damage is tenant neglect or abuse.

If you are locked out during office hours, come to the Rental Office. You will have to verify that you are a leaseholder, once that is verified then someone will let you into your apartment or a spare key will be provided and you must return the key immediately. If you are locked out after-hours call the Rental Office (586-264-0690) to speak with a live operator and she/he will dispatch a Maintenance Technician. There is a $20.00 lock-out fee required. This fee will be added to your account and you must pay this in check or money order at the office.

Contact WASH at 734-427-8985. Tell them the apartment address and let them know the problem the machine is having and they will dispatch a repairman.

The clubhouse is open during normal business hours. The clubhouse is available to be rented as well. Contact the office for further information.

Open Labor Day to Memorial Day. The pool is open every day from dawn until dusk.

You must be a resident to use the pool. You may have up to 3 guests and you must be in the pool area with them at all times. For a complete list of pool rules please see the office.

You can contact our Xfinity rep at 586-864-5553. You can call Xfinity (Comcast)directly at 1-800-934-6489.

No satellite dishes or wires shall be installed on any part of the premises.

You may park in any non-covered parking spots. The carport parking is an additional charge. If you are interested in renting a carport please contact the office for pricing and availability.

Renter’s Insurance is optional but we strongly recommend it. If you do not have renter’s insurance and your personal items are damaged due to a flood, fire, natural disaster then it’s the resident’s responsibility to replace those items at the resident’s expense.

We allow cats only and a maximum of 2 cats per apartment. There is a one-time $250 non-refundable pet fee. You must sign a pet lease, provide your pets vaccination papers & license, and pay your fee before a pet is allowed on the property. For a complete list of pet rules, please contact the office.

The following is from our rules and policies: The activities of yourself, members of the household, and your guests/visitors in and about the Premises must be conducted in a manner as not to interfere with the rights, comforts or convenience of your neighbors. Because of each apartment’s close proximity, all Tenants must be mindful of the noise they create. Noise of any kind whether that be music, games, television, radio or loud conversation must be confined within the walls of Tenant’s apartment and must not be heard outside of the apartment at any time. All Tenants and their guests shall respect the right to peace, comfort and quiet enjoyment of other Tenants at all times.

If the noise complaint occurs after-hours you may call the police at 586-446-2902.

Management will send the resident a lease renewal letter 45-day prior to your expiration date. Resident has the option to renew their lease for one year or month to month, or vacate (vacate notices have to be hand delivered to the Management Office).

You must notify the office 30 days prior to the lease expiration.

If you choose to renew, return the signed renewal letter to the Rental Office or call the office to inform them. If you choose to vacate, you may fill out a vacate notice and submit it to the Rental Office. It must be received by the 1st of the month to be in effect for that month. A 30 day notice is required for all residents. Notices are only accepted on the 1st of a month.

The grilling area may be used between dawn and dusk. You must clean up after yourself. If you use your own grill you must remove the grill from the designated area after you are done. Propane used for grills may not exceed 2.5 pound bottles.

You are responsible to replace any damaged blinds. Maintenance can replace them for you at a fee. You are required to clean your blinds a minimum of once a year.

Yes, we do have additional storage available at no additional charge. We keep it locked and you must sign out a key at the office. Management is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

The office must receive a 30 day notice and must be effective for the end of the month. No mid-month notices will be accepted.